Behind The Scenes with Rek

We were recently interviewed about our comic book novel book series and we thought we would share a bit of the interview. Let’s hear what Rek has to say about writing Darq.

  1. What was your inspiration for writing Darq?

I was told by Seppin to write it…

You know funny enough, Keanu Reeves, Matrix/John Wick was my inspiration for the character and Sean Bean’s            character from National Treasure was who I pictured as I wrote the antagonist, Ian.

2.How did you go about writing your first novel?

Every free chance I had, I wrote while going to school. I started with creating a daydream like movie version in my mind  and went for it.

3. How is Darq different from other comic book characters?

He’s really grounded. He’s not a hero. He’s just trying to do the right thing and save his mother.

4. How will Darq evolve?

He’s only going to get darker.

5. Is it hard to write different characters or would you rather stick with just one?

Writing multiple characters makes me feel the different experiences and it also makes it interesting.

6. What’s up next for Rek?

Agent Armory!

7. How is it different writing a female character?

It’s not. I’m just writing a character and she happens to be female.

8. Favorite SeppinRek character?

A.J.! Hotel owner and jack of all trades.

9. What’s it like working with your twin brother?

Terrible. Infuriating. I quit on a daily basis.


Rek’s latest book, Agent Armory, will be released in September!




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