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Wyatt Barczak

Writer, Editor, Co-Founder of SeppinRek Entertainment

Hey, I’m Wyatt and I’ve been writing and editing for SeppinRek for a while now. I graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in English, concentrating most of my efforts in the pursuit of creative writing. Basically, I have a passion for storytelling, something that helped build up SeppinRek.

I like to put my writing and editing to the test by trying to write something new every time I put pen to paper. I hope to put that same initiative into every thing that I work on.

Personally, I grew up on DC Comics like Nightwing, however; I am also a huge Daredevil fan. Currently, I’ve written seven novels for Amazon Kindle and have edited over a dozen more!

A Bit About Me:
  • I am a published author
  • Frequent Blogger
  • Best Editor in the SeppinRek Bullpen
  • Avid Reader
  • Likes Video Games and Movies, but not Video Game Movies

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