Darq: Shadowed Beginnings Re-Release Out NOW!!!

Hey everyone! It has been beyond a long time, but the world of SeppinRek has never left our hearts and so we have returned to this imaginative realm of heroes once more. However, in an effort to reach new audiences while still holding onto the characters and stories of old, Seppin and Rek have decided to remaster their first couple of books into new editions. And there is no better place to start than the beginning…

Yes! Alex Pearson has returned and he’s out for revenge.

The world has changed. Morphed by the secrets sprung from, now permittable, genetic testing, the modern world stands of the precipice of either greatness or ruin. And within it’s city walls, lies something familiar. Vengeance. Alex Pearson was a veteran forced on a path to save his sickly mother from certain death. Now, betrayed by his closest friend, the only way to protect her and himself is by attacking Brooklyn’s criminal underworld.
Purpose drives him to walk ever farther down this ominous path. Discovering along the way Brooklyn’s criminal underbelly, the WSA, a privatized security program looking to root out the crimes which law enforcement fail to stop, and the death that seems to follow Alex wherever he goes.
Stark hope. Drastic decisions. And a smoking barrel. Embark on the start of a thrilling new saga!
Will Alex get his revenge on his best friend? Can he trusts the mysterious WSA with his secrets? Or will his mother succumb to her illness, a future becoming the bleak reality he fears…
Darq was the first SeppinRek novel written by Wyatt Barczak in 2017. Now, it has been recreated in this nuanced edition for audiences new and old!

The first SeppinRek short novel was released in April of 2017 and it is only right that we release it now nearly six years later. The start of our story begins here, so if you aren’t familiar with our works, then this is our reintroduction.

A reboot.

A new timeline, if you will.

So, thank you all for staying with us for as long as you have. Your patience is a gift that we are incredibly thankful for and we hope you’ll appreciate what we have in store for you.

Until next time…





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