E3 2021 Schedule

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a good day and are as excited for E3 this year as we are. It's been a difficult year for many and its nice to see the E3 event is still going as planned for this year! Since the world is the way it is right now,... Continue Reading →

Playstation 5 Console Reveal!

Great News Everyone! Sony has revealed the design for their Playstation 5 and it look sleek and sexy. The console follows the earlier teased controller as it uses white as its predominant color. It has got a killer look and we are excited to get our hands on one. Check out the reveal below: https://youtu.be/RkC0l4iekYo... Continue Reading →

PS5: Godfall Gameplay, finally!

We finally got a glimpse at the gameplay for Godfall which is Gearbox's new looter shooter but with swords. You seem to play as a God and slowly become more overpowered overtime as you get more items, similar to a looter shooter. It looks really smooth and fun to play, we will be sure to... Continue Reading →

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