Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns!

Star Wars: The Clone wars was a great show that was sadly cancelled after the fifth season. This left many fans saddened after seeing no conclusion to the epic tale that takes place in the prequels. Although many dislike the prequels, Star Wars the Clone wars was a perfect show that is often tossed aside…

New Rogue One T.V. Spot

We’re less than a month away now from seeing Rogue One and yet another t.v. spot has been released. Check it out below: Rogue One is coming to theaters December 16, 2016! No word on when advanced tickets will be available, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do! We have a hunch…

Rogue One Featurette

Disney and Lucasfilm have released a brand new featurette for Star Wars Rogue One and it features a behind the scenes look, interviews and additional footage. Take a look! Star Wars Rogue One blasts into theaters December 16, 2016!   ~Seppin ~Rek  

Rogue One T.V. Spots

Are you getting excited for Rogue One? We definitely are and we are also loving all the new t.v. spots! Rogue One brings hope to theaters on December 16, 2016! We’ll let you know as soon as tickets go on sale, which we heard may be soon!   ~Seppin ~Rek