Top 5 Cancelled Batman Films!

The other day I decided to write out the five best cancelled Spider-Man films that I thought had potential. I am still working on a list for cancelled Marvel movies, but I decided it would be fun to look at the caped crusader's trivial history. Believe it or not, Batman has had a lot of... Continue Reading →

Batman Solo Movie News

In our 'Let's take this news with a grain of salt', Slash Film is reporting that the Batman solo movie script is being scrapped and starting over from scratch. We do know that the movie will probably be pushed back because of Matt Reeves commitments and has nothing to do with Ben Affleck's refreshingly honest... Continue Reading →

Matt Reeves Signs on for Batman

Last week, everyone lost their collective minds and were digging a hole for the DCEU grave when news hit that talks with director Matt Reeves were halted. We tried to stay calm because we heard from many different sources that this was because his agent was playing hardball for more money and that talks could... Continue Reading →

The Batman Script Is Done?

Hey everyone! Forbes recently released some information regarding the upcoming Batman movie script. The writers said that it was given to Chris Terrio to rewrite completely, but this seems to be false. It turns out that the script was turned in earlier this month, after a quick rewrite from Terrio, and everyone at Warner Brothers,... Continue Reading →

Ben Affleck Will Not Direct Batman

Hey everyone! Big news today. Ben Affleck has announced that he will not be directing the Batman movie. “There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions. Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both... Continue Reading →

Joe Manganiello Talks Batman

Joe Manganiello was a recent guest on a Pittsburgh radio show and he talks about the new Batman movie. "When I met Ben we sat down and we talked about, you know, the role. We talked about the movie. His take is a fresh take but I think the audience is going to be surprised.... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Irons Talks Batman

Ina recent interview Jeremy Irons had a few things to say about the his character Alfred Pennyworth, his role in the Justice League Movie and the upcoming Batman solo film. On preparing for his role of the iconic Alfred Pennyworth: "I remember an evening with Paul Getty, who was a neighbor of mine, now sadly dead.... Continue Reading →

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