Titans Season Two Confirmed

We are just a week, and a day, away from Titans premiering on DC's streaming service and last night members of the press (and a few lucky winners) were able to view the first few episodes. We also got a confirmation from Seppin's mentor Geoff Johns that season two is a go! "I think that... Continue Reading →

Titans Poster & Clips

We are two weeks away until Titans premieres on the new DC Streaming service and it is a day that Rek has waited for a long time being the Teen Titans megafan. We finally got a bit more footage and we are really liking what we are seeing. Again we think this is from the... Continue Reading →

Starfire Casting

Have we been the only ones impatiently waiting for Titan's casting news? A few weeks ago, we found out that Raven had been cast and now we finally have another announcement. Anna Diop is going to be Starfire in the new DC streaming service television show!   According to the character’s official description, Starfire is... Continue Reading →

Live Action Teen Titans Coming!

The biggest news to come out yesterday made Rek smile from ear to ear. Warner Bros. and DC Comics are teaming up to bring fans a new digital TV service in 2018. This news was teased last year by Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara. The service will launch with at least two shows that we... Continue Reading →

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