Fun Fan Made Videos

So, we’ve been in the YouTube scouring for funny videos mood around here and we found a few that are pretty awesome. The first one is kind of mind blowing. What if the iconic first trailer for the movie Logan was set to different music…let’s say Suicide Squad trailer music? Isn’t it amazing how different…

Fan Made Trailer of the Week

We love to check out YouTube and watch fan made trailers. This week, Seppin found this gem for one of his favorite stories, DC’s Kingdom Come. Take a look below: And because we really, really want a Moon Knight show on Netflix…   ~Seppin ~Rek

Video of the Week

  We like to check out YouTube and see if there are any cool fan made trailers or videos. We found a pretty sweet fan made Justice League trailer featuring the Man of Steel and his epic rise as he comes back from the dead. Check it out below! Our Reaction:   ~Seppin ~Rek