Hellboy Movie Posters

Hey everyone! Some cool new Hellboy movie posters were just sent out and they look amazing. Check them out down below. I dig the posters a lot more than that trailer if I'm being honest. As a huge Hellboy fan, I feel like the tone of the movie will be very different than the one... Continue Reading →

New Hellboy Poster

Hey everyone! It's been a while since we've gotten some Hellboy news, but here it is. An awesome first poster that is Legendary AF. It is fucking fantastic and we are all excited for the movie. It has been pushed back from its February release date to April 12, just let you all know where... Continue Reading →

New Hellboy Castings!

Rek freaked out when he found out that the Osiris Club is coming to Hellboy. The people that are being casted are Sophie Okenodo as Club president, Lady Hatton. Brian Gleeson as Merlin, and Alistair Petrie as Lord Adam Glaren. For those that don't know Hellboy, the Osiris Club is a group of powerful figures who... Continue Reading →

Hellboy Reboot

This is news that actually made Rek smile this morning. Hellboy is getting a rated R reboot. Rek has been reading the comics as of late and he has become a pretty big fan, so this news is exciting to him. Not many details are known as of right now, but what we do know... Continue Reading →

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