The Defenders

Alright…we’re getting ready to binge watch The Defenders today, but we thought we would post the last trailer which was released yesterday. Are you guys ready??? We’ll have our review up as soon as we are finished!   ~Seppin ~Rek

New Defenders Clip

After the amazing trailer that we got last night, Netflix sent out an amazing clip for us to see. Check it out: Uh, that's not good. #DEFEND — The Defenders (@TheDefenders) July 22, 2017 What is the connection between Gao and Alexandra? The Hand? What did you think?!     ~Seppin ~Rek

The Defenders News

Not only do we have a new poster for The Defenders, we also new motion action posters released, which leads us to believe we will be getting a second trailer for the upcoming Netflix show soon. I don't need sight to know you're staring. #DEFEND — Daredevil (@Daredevil) June 22, 2017 Straight outta Harlem.…

The Defenders Promos

We’re not sure if we can technically call these promos, but for right now, that’s what all we got. The respective Twitter accounts of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and The Defenders all have short little gifs up of our favorite Marvel Netflix heroes. Longtime listener. — Daredevil (@Daredevil) May 9, 2017…

The Defenders Teaser

What’s up with today? For the last week or so the news has been a bit of a snore and now we’re getting slammed. Not that we’re complaining, especially after seeing this new teaser for The Defenders…Oh boy. Our heroes are going to have their hands full. We also want to point out that Rek…