Titans Season 2 Trailer

Hey everyone! After its reveal at Comic Con, the trailer for the second season of Titans was pushed due to a death on set. However, it has finally been released! Check it out below! https://youtu.be/oLmDgzFwLiA Hmm. Interesting that they are calling it Titans 2.0? We're curious how this season's going to play out, but it... Continue Reading →

New York Comic Con Titans Trailer!

So, we are finally getting some news for DC Universe's streaming app and what their plans are for all of their original shows. We will have the official slate up in a few minutes, but first, we want to show you this amazing trailer for Titans. It may be the best look that we have... Continue Reading →

New Titans Trailer!

Today we got some interesting news that Netflix will have Titans on its platform in areas outside of the U.S. We think that this is a really great move because DC Universe is only in the U.S. right now. It's great to see that more people will be able to watch Titans whilst it releases.... Continue Reading →

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