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Today I want to talk about the new Netflix series, Jessica Jones, and also do a trailer shot by shot analysis. First let’s discuss who Jessica Jones is exactly in the Marvel universe. Jessica Jones is a retired vigilante. Her origin story is that her father worked for Tony Stark and he gave the family Disneyland tickets. When they were coming home, their vehicle collided with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. She was the only survivor and after spending months in a coma, she woke up with powers. She has super basic strength. Speed, invulnerability and flight. She became known as Jewel and she would fight bad guys because she was inspired by Spiderman.

One night she enters a restaurant trying to stop the crime lord known as Killgrave a.k.a. the Purple Man, but she is extremely overpowered. He tells her to stop and stand still before ordering her to take her clothes off. The Purple Man has the ability of hardcore mind control and she becomes under his thrall for several months. After the diner, he asked her to put her clothes back on and orders her to kill multiple police officers with her bare hands…pretty sick stuff.

Eventually she remembers and he lets her go, but she sinks into a deep depression. She self-medicates herself with  a lot of liquor. This will eventually lead her to the one, the only, my power man, Luke Cage. She opens her own private investigation office and becomes a P.I.. She quits, marries Luke Cage, and then we never see her again.

Obviously the first season will be an introduction and extensive background of this character. The trailer looks really dark and dramatic. We have high hopes here at SeppinRek for Jessica Jones!



Check out the trailer below:





IMG_0728 IMG_0729


Our first few shots we see Jessica Jones beating some sense into someone. This guy is probably under investigation and Ms. Jones is opening up a can of whoop ass on him.


IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732


This is our first look at the amazing Luke Cage. He appears to be a bartender at a bar which of course is Jessica Jones home away from home.


IMG_0734 IMG_0735 IMG_0736

A few more shots of Jessica and Luke Cage. He has begun to question her supernatural abilities. We should probably note that Luke Cage is also a skilled and indestructible hero. We’re not sure how much of his powers we will see on display right away, but I for one am looking forward to it.


IMG_0737 IMG_0738


We get to see out first real good look at her strength as she wrecks some dude.




Another shot of the blossoming relationship between her and Luke.




Girl loves her drink… Happy to see they are not shying away from that or girl down this character. Jessica Jones is hard core and Marvel has always done a great job with strong woman heroes.


IMG_0742 IMG_0743 IMG_0745


In the trailer they start talking about another person who has abilities ak.a. the Purple Man. It looks like she is having flashbacks of her time under his psychotic control.



She starts to confide about her past with Luke Cage. He really is the only one who can understand what she has been through since he had a rough life growing up on the streets.




Interesting shot of Jessica digging around in a warehouse. We can assume from the trailer that she is under the Purple Man’s control. What she is digging, I have no idea.


IMG_0749 IMG_0751


Is this the incident where she kills the police officers?


IMG_0752 IMG_0753


We get our first look at Patricia Walker a.k.a. Hellcat. Another vigilante who happens to be friends with Jessica Jones, even after after everything Jessica went through.

We also want to point out that she does seem to have her witty sense of humor still in tact which is great to see.


IMG_0755 IMG_0756


This is our first look of David Tenant as the elusive Purple Man. It looks like he is using his manipulative abilities to enter an apartment.

I don’t know whose apartment this is or why they are relevant.

IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759

We’re not sure what is going on here. There is a reference to what happened and what the Purple Man did to Jessica Jones. We can only assume he did the same to this poor young woman.




This is a split second shot and it took me forever to get it as perfect as I could. We can see the blue dress that the Purple Man made her wear so this is Jessica under his influence. Again, we have a feeling there will be a lot of flashbacks in the first season to establish her character.



Someone is breaking a mirror…seven years of bad luck for ya’ fella!

I don’t know who that is, but I like the shot.



Luke Cage after finding out about all this… dang…too much baggage.

What? Who said that?

But, since Luke Cage is a good man, he will help Jessica out through all this.


Creepy stalker photo…nice.



I just really like this shot of the Purple Man with all the purple color light around him. You can’t see his face, but that only adds to the shot. I also like the thought that it feels like he is always over her shoulder, or it feels like that to her.



This is just a continuation of the picture as Jessica feels his presence.


IMG_0766 IMG_0767

Now, that’s not her loading the gun so I’m a bit confused. Maybe someone hands her the gun.. cough, wink, Purple Man


IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0770

This scene of a police department under the Purple Man’s control is physiological horror movie shivers down the spine weird.

Can Jessica Jones save the day?



We finally get to see his face…over her shoulder…again.



Creepy blood spelling out ‘Help Me’, but really, give it up. No one’s coming for you.


IMG_0773 IMG_0774

I think this building is Luke Cage’s bar. It would be a great way to showcase Luke cage’s indestructible skin…*gasp*

If you haven’t realized by now, Luke Cage is my favorite Marvel character.




I like how they call him the devil. They are really making him a dark figure for the show. *Cue Flames*



A bit stuck on a case I think. She’ll figure it out with a little help from Johnnie Walker.


IMG_0777 IMG_0778

People are hanging themselves.  That’s never good. Dang, the Purple Man is literally killing the whole city.




Jeryn Hogarth. She is a power lawyer for the Rand Corporation that’s run by Iron Fist’s father.

Another lawyer.. dare we hope to see Matt Murdock?

Get it? Dare? Daredevil?

It’s late, I’m tired.


IMG_0780 IMG_0781


Oh my Gosh! Someone has a gun and of course, the vigilante can’t do anything about it but gasp. Hellcat should be her superhero self so why is she looking so scared?




I’m guessing someone died. Rest in peace.



This was another shot that was very hard to capture of a weird dude putting together a puzzle. Who is he? Is he testing Purple Man’s power?






Heyyyy Mannn…this gentleman is supposed to be in thirteen episodes. This guy has to be the comedic relief. No idea, but love the look on his face in this shot.



Second hardest picture to get. We see a man walking out of the burning building ( Luke’s Bar). I am almost one hundred percent sure this is Luke Cage surviving a hit. It makes sense that the Purple Man would try to kill him, because he is in the way of the Purple Man’s obsession with Jessica.

But, he has no idea who he is messing with.



The toll of being a vigilante.

Prerequisite washing of blood shower scene.



Is this Purple Man after Daredevil locks him up in prison? If you blow the picture up, we can see a few strands of blond hair.

He is pretty ticked off and probably should be in a psycho ward.


IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791


Stalker much? We really start to see the Purple Man’s craziness and you really sympathize with Jessica Jones for having to go through what she did and also having this man in her life.


This is the second trailer that came out recently. It’s a bit longer and I think we see more of Jessica’s funny side.



Jessica Jones entire season comes out this Friday, November 20. The trailer is ten out of ten and I personally can’t wait to binge watch all weekend.




3 thoughts on “Jessica Jones Trailer Review: Shot by Shot

Add yours

  1. In the opening paragraph you described how Jessica Jones’ inspiration came from spiderman, while this is true I would just like to point out how funny that is considering she’s Marvel and spiderman is DC.

    Continuing on, minor error on your part in the following: “Is this Purple Man after Daredevil locks him up in prison? If you blow the picture up, we can a few strands of blond hair.” I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to say “we can SEE a few strands of blond hair.” So you might want to fix that.

    Overall though I didn’t know much about Jessica Jones (In truth I didn’t even know about the upcoming show) until reading this article. It was very insightful and well-written so congratulations. You’ve succeeded in getting my hyped up for this show.

    The second trailer is 10/10, I specifically love that shot of the purple man while they are in the police station.

    Nice Article!

    –Jeffery The Pumpkin Dumplin


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