Top Five Thursday: Top Five Marvel Villains


Good morning everyone. Welcome back to our website. We apologize for not getting any posts up over the past two days as we have been busy and running behind on all the latest news. We hope to have our shot by shot trailer analysis of Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts up in the next few days.

We still made time to do our infamous Top Five and today we will be discussing our favorite Marvel villains.


5. Red Skull


One of our favorite characters, even though he isn’t used as much as we would like. This character is very similar to Hitler in the sense that he was the leader of Hydra. He has returned from the dead and has attempted to conquer the world multiple times.

4. Galactus


One of the earliest villains in Marvel comics. He is also still one of the most powerful. Galactus is the devourer of worlds. This Demi-God goes around the universe forever hungry searching for worlds that he will literally drain and destroy. He is led by the Silver Surfer who sets him on course for planets to conquer.

3. Magneto


Magneto, one of our favorite anti-heroes. He is the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil. He has the power to manipulate metal. He has always appealed to audiences and we are no exception. We think that he’s great.

2. Thanos


Thanos. God. One of the most intelligent beings in the universe. Then if you were to give him the Infinity Gauntlet he would be the most powerful being in the universe, but his largest advantage is his brilliance. That is why we respect Thanos and are really excited to see him in the films. But who is better than him?

  1. Doctor Doom


Yes, it is no surprise that we hold Doctor Doom at a high pedestal around here. He is one of the best villains. He is incredibly intelligent and is skilled in everything. His armor grants him strength and he can blast people with his gauntlets. He is probably the most determined character and for that reason he is our Number One Marvel Villain.



Honorable Mentions:





Mad Jim Jaspers





3 thoughts on “Top Five Thursday: Top Five Marvel Villains

    • I agree with your point that Loki is a good villain character, but he has been made more of an anti-hero recently. Although Magneto is also an anti-hero, we believe Loki goes a little bit closer to the hero line in certain situations. That doesn’t mean he is good, but he does have a soft spot and I really like how Tom Hiddleston portrayed Loki. We find Red Skull to be completely evil. He has no redeemable qualities and we just enjoy him as a villain.
      Just our humble opinion 🙂

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