Suicide Squad: A Joker Origin?


This is a rumor that is likely to make our heads spin with anger if it is true, but we felt the need to report it and then state our opinion at the end.

We know that we are in for a entirely new take on the iconic character of the Joker this summer when Suicide Squad is released and we get to see the Joker on the big screen. Details about Jared Leto’s role have been few and far between, but we have recently heard that it may include a Joker origin.



Now, we have heard that we may be getting the Joker’s origin very soon in the comics, but this has led fans to speculate that we may also get one in the movie as well. Jared Leto recently gave an interview and this is what he has to say:

“I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that so much. But we walked in a completely new direction… I think we knew that we had to do that. It was important to do that. When The Joker has been done and done so well, it gives you a bit of an indication of where you shouldn’t go. There’s a bit of a map there. That’s the good part about it. It’s quite an honor [to play the character]. Joker has been written about in pop culture for 75 years. I’m just the latest in the long list of people who have redefined and reinvented this character,” Leto continued. “People have taken The Joker and reinvented and redefined for 75 years. It is really special to be asked to do that.”



We’re sorry, but we’re not quite sure how anyone could read into those statements that we are going to get a Joker origin. We will see a new take on the Joker because Jared Leto is a completely different type of method actor and we are positive that he is going to nail the iconic villain’s role.



I mean, look at him…


We also want to finally address the ridiculous rumor that the Joker is actually Jason Todd.



We are not going to mention where this rumor started from, but let’s just say it was on a site where ANYONE can post anything and for some reason people take it as gospel.

Let’s get one thing straight right now. IF ,and we mean IF, that were true then I think we all know Seppin would walk out of the movie theater and go on a rage unlike any other.

There is NO WAY Jason Todd would ever, in a million years, become the Joker. He hates the Joker. The Joker took his life, he took him away from Bruce, the Joker is the reason why he is mentally unhinged.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Red Hood and are glad for Jason Todd to turn into the best anti-hero ever created, but still the thought that anyone would think Jason would become the Joker is out of their mind.



As far as any Joker origin, while we are of course curious, we kind of like the fact that he is a mystery and we do not think they should ruin the enigma that is the Joker and where he came from. The Joker may have started his life as a man, but now he is so much more. He has transcended a persona that is unlike any other and we can’t even imagine how revealing who he is can be a good idea.


From 'Justice League' #42, when Batman learns the real identity of The Joker.

We have discussed who he could be in the comics and we have thrown around a few possible backgrounds. Jack Napier, of course. A struggling comic turned crazy. A man who had ‘one bad day’, but in the end we could only come up with two options that would make us go ‘Oh My God.’

  1. Bruce Wayne’s Half Brother

Maybe Thomas had a fling and a child was the result. In an effort to learn of his true parentage, this young man learns that Bruce Wayne is his half-brother and also the Batman. This would be a major twist and also explain why for some reason Batman could never quite kill the Joker and the Joker has and will always be obsessed with Batman.

There’s just a plethora of story lines they could draw from to recreate a whole new antagonist relationship.


2. Thomas Wayne

What if Thomas Wayne didn’t die that night? What if something happened to him that kept him in an unnatural state of youth? What if he goes crazy because of the events and later starts to stalk his own son?

Flashpoint anyone?

Both options are pretty far fetched and honestly, we’re just hoping that we never know who the Joker is or where he came from.

These are of course our opinions and we felt the need to address certain rumors.









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