Robin’s Identity Confirmed?

Hey everyone! Sorry we took a few days off to celebrate our birthday, but we are back at it and we have a lot to report.

Did the DCEU and Warner Bros. just reveal a major clue?

Last week, on April 27,  the Batman v Superman Instagram account posted this picture of Bruce Wayne staring at the torched Robin suit with the caption stating:

“Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left?”


It is curious because the date April 27 is also very significant.



Yes, Jason Todd was killed by the Joker on that very same day.

A lot of Reddit users went into speculation overkill and for once we may just agree with them that this might be a pretty big clue.

We have said from day one that the Robin suit in the glass case was Jason’s and we have been hearing rumors for quite some time that the first solo Batman film was going to be Under the Red Hood.



Only time will tell but we are crossing our fingers!




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