Top Five Iconic Marvel Weapons



Today we will be discussing our favorite Marvel weapons that we deem iconic. These are weapons and tools that add to a character’s power or gift, not the definitive gift that is already apart of a character. That being said, none of the Iron Man armors will be shown during this.  Remember that this is our opinion that we are simply sharing with you. You may find other iconic weapons that we may have forgotten and we encourage you to share your opinion in the comments. So let us begin…


5.  Daredevil’s Billy Clubs

Probably one of the coolest parts about this character is that he carries around two billy clubs that stretch out with wire and can be used as a form of grappling hook or an insanely powerful weapon if you were to shoot someone with it. Plus the Billy Clubs themselves can beat anyone to a bloody pulp. It’s one of Daredevil’s core components.

4. Spiderman’s Web Shooters

Would he even still be called Spiderman without his Web Shooters? Probably, but he would not be nearly as cool with out this gadget. It is one of Peter’s own inventions that helps him swing around the city. This is really iconic because Spiderman uses it to get to places and tie people up. It is just something that you need whenever you are talking about Spiderman.

3. Wolverine’s “Claws”

Now, many people may go off and trash on me since they believe that Wolverine’s power is his adamantium claws. WRONG. Wolverine’s only mutation is his ability to regenerate. His gloves with retractable claws were originally just that. His weapon of choice were those gloves in which uses all of the time. Yes, some slight changes have been made to his character to make him more like the movie adaptation, but I refuse to forget how awesome his gloves are. Not much else is more iconic than those claws.

2. Thor’s Hammer

The Mighty Thor. The hammer that grants any man with the ability to lead Asgard with the power of Thor. We may not like Thor the most, but we have to admit that his hammer is really cool and iconic to any comic book reader. It originally just turned any righteous man into Thor, but they changed it so that Thor has always been the same god from the Nordic mythology. No matter what, his hammer has stayed by him though and that is why we kept him on number two.


  1. Captain America’s Shield

The symbol of Marvel. Name one character that has ever been more Iconic than Captain America for Marvel. It’s hard to come up with and rightly so. Captain America is one of their oldest characters and one of their most  well known. His shield will always be a symbol for hope and freedom. We love seeing Chris Evans wield it in the movies and love how Sam Wilson uses it in the comics. That is why we have declared it our number one.





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