Batman v. Superman Ultimate Edition Review

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition came out this week and we wanted to do a quick review.

As our readers know, we loved the original movie, and now it’s even better. The problems that everyone seemed to have with the first film were answered and the movie seemed to flow smoother.

Here are some of the additions…

Oh, hello KG Beast. We actually got to see you more and you mattered.

Clark is really a reporter. The Ultimate version shows a lot more Clark Kent and also his journalistic skills.

He is hungry and he is mean…

Random Gothamite speaking to Clark about the Gotham Bat. We loved this guy. Hopefully, we’ll see him in the solo Batman film.

Amy Adams was in BvS? Why yes she was and she did a great job as Lois Lane. She was stronger in this version and more independent. The information she uncovered was huge and pretty important.

Jena Malone’s character was not the big surprise we were expecting. In the few scenes we had of her, she shined and we are confident that we will see her again.


The Communion scene…

*Sigh* Why…why would you not show this? It showcases Steppenwolf and what is to come.

We also saw a longer scene between Batman and Lex Luthor. The grin that was wiped off of Lex’s face when Batman informed him he was going to Arkham Asylum was brilliant.

If only we heard Jared Leto’s Joker in the background saying, “Lexi….”


Bottom Line

This is definitely worth watching. Period. End of story.


Our Advice to Zack Snyder

Take a note from James Cameron, get some balls, and the next time Warner Bros. tells you to cut thirty minutes out, say to them, “Uh, no. I don’t think so.”

If they are still adamant, show them the first reviews of the theatrical release and then the reviews of the Ultimate Edition.

This was your vision Zack and this is what should have been in the theaters.


In Zack we trust…







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