Finding Kevin a Role

Finding Kevin

Welcome back to Finding Kevin and this week will be a Marvel special since I have been limiting myself to DC. Let’s not hold up this magnificent man and get started.


Doctor Octavious


Doc Oc’! I have no doubt in my mind that Sony will be bringing back this amazing villain in the new spiderman films. Doctor Octopus is a brilliant scientist with four metal appendages that he uses to his advantage. Kevin James could totally play the mad scientist role and I think that he would contrast well with Tom Holland. Doc Oc’ is a menace!




Fox has rumored that they plan on doing the New Mutants on the screen. We did a post a few months ago on the New Mutants, so check that out. Warlock is an techno-alien from Kvch…

I am not sure how you pronounce that name, but I bet Kevin could. Plus, everyone seems to be voice acting CGI’d characters these days.

He could even make the sound effects for his plane or whatever.


Thanks for reading this post and I will see you all next time…




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