WB Comic Con Panel Update


Today is the big day for Warner Bros. at Comic Con and we have a few details that we have learned about the upcoming panel.

Wonder Woman


We already surmised that we would probably be getting a trailer and now we have confirmation that a 2 minute 35 second trailer was approved by the theatrical board.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Not only did we get to see a new poster (check out Ezra Miller, bottom right corner), but we are assuming we may be getting another trailer today at the panel.

Suicide Squad


All of our favorite bad guys will be at the WB Comic Con panel! We’re not sure if we will see another clip, but we just want to see Jared Leto come out in full on Joker gear!

Lego Batman

the lego batman movie poster

A new poster and who knows? Maybe a trailer?

Kong: Skull Island

lego batman movie poster

The prequel to King Kong and it takes place in Legendary Pictures monster universe on Skull Island. Trailer maybe?

King Arthur Legend of The Sword


King Arthur poster

Our first look at Green Arrow, um, we mean, Charlie Hunman as King Arthur.

Last, but not least…


Warner Bros. went out of their way a few weeks ago to say that the Justice League would not be featured at the panel, but funny enough yesterday we saw a bunch of photos of our league arriving in California.

Obviously Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ezra Miller( Fantastic Beasts) are there for their panels, but why did Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck come all the way from London to California?

We are SO getting a teaser of some sort from the Justice League Movie! Yes, it may just be a picture, but we’re getting a taste of something and we are very happy about that!


Stay Tuned for updates!





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