Kevin Conroy Offers Advice to Ben Affleck


Any reader of this blog is well aware that we love Kevin Conroy voicing the role of Batman and we still want to see a Kevin Conroy/ Mark Hamill ticket on the presidential ballot ( #Conroy/Hamill2016), so when Conroy speaks, we all should listen!

The 60-year-old actor addressed the challenge of sharing the stage with seven other superheroes, offering words of advice that Ben Affleck may want to consider.

“In ‘Justice League,’ there are often episodes where I’ll have four or five lines, where in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ I was used to having the entire script to create a portrait of the character,” he said. “When you only have a few lines it’s much more difficult.

“The temptation is to over-act because you feel such an obligation to completely flesh out the character in just the two or three lines you have,” Conroy continued, “and you have to resist that temptation and trust the fact that you know the character so well. That if you just inhabit him, and speak truthfully, it will resonate with the audience. But it is harder to do because the temptation is push it when you’re sharing the stage with lots of other actors.”

We think this is great advice and we hope Ben Affleck reads what Conroy had to say. We are looking forward to a Justice League movie, not a Batman & Super-friends. Ben Affleck did a great job in BvS, but he did overshadow…well, just about everyone.






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