Russian Superhero Movie?


A Russian superhero movie?

Sure why not?

Yes, we are not kidding with you. This is real and it is happening. We don’t want to say anything else, just check out the trailer below because it speaks for itself.

So, apparently this is being built as the Russian Avengers.

What’s the premise?

Well, the Guardians are a team of ordinary humans that morph into mutants with strong supernatural powers. It just so happens that the world faces a threat of destruction that is unstoppable to the likes of us mere mortals, leaving these mutants to band together as Earth’s last hope.

Where have we heard or seen that before?

Guardians is set during the Cold War, Russia faces an Armageddon like threat from a mutant villain with a device (?) attached to his head. The only thing to stop him are the Guardians, an array of Soviet misfits with an unique skill set of superpowers, which range from the ability to use deadly swords to controlling soil and rocks to turning into a large bear creature. Each of these heroes represent the various nationalities of the former USSR, and much of it (namely the bear) draw on Russian culture and folklore.

Our initial reaction was this:

Seppin: It’s a Russian Fantastic Four! Copyright, copyright!!!

Rek: I thought it looked good. The acting is garbage, but we now know where all the proceeds from the Sochi Olympic games went to…into making a Russian superhero movie.

We are definitely keeping a close eye on this movie.

Guardians is set to release on February 23, 2017.





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