Supergirl News


There has been some news about the upcoming season of Supergirl. We know we are getting Superman, but now it has also been confirmed that Metallo will make an appearance and he will battle the Man of Steel!

“When international assassin John Corben is badly injured after taking on both Supergirl and Superman, he is reborn by a shadow organization into the Kryptonite-powered super villain Metallo.”

Metallo has gone head to head with the Man of Steel on multiple occasions. Different versions of the character have different abilities, but recently the character has been able to absorb any metal and make it part of his exoskeleton to make himself a big old Swiss army knife of pain. The character is set to appear in at least two episodes this season, starting with the premiere episode.

Kara has left the safety of being Cat Grant’s assistant in order to figure out what she really wants to do, while as Supergirl she continues to work at the DEO, protecting the citizens of National City and searching for Jeremiah and Cadmus. Along the way, she will team up with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to battle new villains, as she strives to balance her personal life with her life as a superhero.

We also are going to see Miss Martian and Mon-El, who was revealed to be in the pod at the end of last season.

In the comics, Miss Martian is named Megan Morse, a white Martian known as M’gann M’orzz and a member of the Teen Titans.

Mon-El has similar powers to Superman, but is immune to kryptonite and gets harmed by lead hailing from the planet of Daxam.

We’re excited to see what the CW does with Supergirl and are looking forward to more Flash/Supergirl moments!

Musical crossover anyone?!










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