Batman: Mechs vs. Mutants


Giant villains and monsters roam free in the frozen streets of Gotham as some of Batman’s worst villains assemble within the walls of Arkham Asylum to head out and terrorize Gotham City once again.  Mr. Freeze and the Penguin put together a nefarious plan for world domination and they systematically break out Bane, Chemo, Killer Croc, and Clayface. Only one thing stands in their way…the Batman and his giant mechs! Can he protect the city and thaw it out before a new ice age takes hold?

The Batman Unlimited movie series is based after the action figures of the same name and are geared more towards a younger audience than any of the recent Batman or Justice League animated feature-length films. This movie will delight young kids, but more mature audiences may not want to watch the silliness.

Batman Unlimited: Mechs Vs. Mutants is available today on DVD and Digital HD.





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