Indiana Jones Animated Movie?


A long time ago, a very young Rek saw the Indiana Jones trilogy (let’s forget about number 4, shall we?) for the first time and his dreams of becoming a swashbuckling archaeologist was born, so any news about his favorite whip carrying hero is a big deal.

Artist and fan film maker Patrick Schoenmaker, whose animated film The Adventures of Indiana Jones will be coming to a web browser near you soon and the film is Escaping the Tomb.

“Indiana Jones must have been my first true movie hero ever since I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on a VCR way back when. Yes, some other heroes came and went, but Indy always held a special place,” Schoenmaker wrote of the project above. “After Crystal Skull was released, my love for the character was once again fully ignited and with no new movies on the horizon back then, I decided to set up an Indiana Jones project of my own to keep the fire burning a little bit longer. So, that was back in 2011 and ‘a little bit longer’ turned into five years of hard work. The end of the project is finally in sight.”

“There you have it, September 29th is the official release date for my animated Indiana Jones project, so whip out your calendars and mark the date!” Schoenmaker wrote. “Just a little disclaimer though, please don’t expect a full feature film, or even a 20-minute episode. Animation is a lot of work and there’s only so much you can accomplish with a small team of 1 and a handful of assistants. Think more like something along the lines of a fully-animated proof of concept.”

Okay, so it’s not a full movie, but we’re curious about this project and now we are intrigued!

No word yet on the full length live action movie that is in development. Rumors had it for a July, 2019 release, but we have not had confirmation of that as of yet.





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