Spider-Man Homecoming 3rd Villain? & Seppin has a Theory


There is a new report floating around and while we are always hesitant to post such rumors, we also know there is a lot of interest in Spider-Man Homecoming and we want to keep you informed of any news.

Okay, so apparently, there will indeed be three villains (two of whom we know about, The Vulture and Shocker) in the movie, but the third isn’t exactly your typical super villain. In fact, he’s just a regular guy who will butt heads not with Spider-Man, but Peter Parker.

The interesting detail is that this mysterious character will be romantically involved with none other than Aunt May! No further information was provided with this report. Given his history with The Vulture, Nathan Lubensky is the character some are speculating.

The site (Shmoesknows) also adds the,a big character central to the Spider-Man lore will make a surprise appearance in the movie.

They don’t know who that will be, but mention Norman Osborn and Eddie Brock as possible candidates. We think it’s probably J.J. Jameson, but there is no confirmation as of yet.

Seppin has his own theory on where the story may be going:

I created a post a couple of months ago where I discussed my theory that Miles Morales and the Prowler are in the film. Now, the theory has changed slightly since Bokeem Woodbine is supposedly Shocker, but I still think that the character that is being hinted at is Hobie Brown aka The Prowler. I also think that Donald Glover is playing this character since he has been so involved with Spiderman since the last reboot. For those that don’t know Donald Glover led his own campaign to be Spiderman in the Amazing Spiderman movies. I think that they are trying to bring him in since he really deserves to at least make an appearance in the films. This is really important since Hobie is the uncle to Miles Morales who is the Ultimate Spiderman from a different universe, but I don’t think the audience would mind the different Spiderman.

We will just have to wait and see!




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