Deadpool Director Leaves Project


News broke over the weekend that Deadpool 2 director Tim Miller departed the project due to ‘creative differences’ with actor Ryan Reynolds. A rumor suggested that the these culminated with a disagreement over who should play the heroes new co-star, Cable.

Today The Wrap disclosed further details from an anonymous insider’s description of the situation.

“There were two totally different movies on the table, and one of them just wasn’t Deadpool.”

According to The Wrap’s source, Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wanted to craft a “scrappy”, raucous, and inexpensive film, similar to the original. Miller, whose background is in special effects, wanted to create a more visually extravagant film. Miller’s vision would have also reportedly cost three times as much as the original film.

But of course there was a rebuttal to that rumor when Collider’s Steven Weintraub took to Twitter

The bottom line is Miller is out. Yes, he did a great job with the first film and maybe he wants to flex his CGI muscle, but the character that is Deadpool is not all about that. Deadpool is gritty in an unique funny sort of way. Do we really need all of that to make the movie work or would a more stylized version help expand Deadpool to a broader audience?

All we can say is this.

We have faith in Ryan Reynolds. He brought this awesome comic book character to life and worked his ass off to do it. The promos alone should give Reynolds some kind of award.

Happy Halloween!





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