Fan Friday: House of M, Under The Red Hood, and Injustice


Welcome to our new segment on the blog in which we will be showing you guys just some of the cool fan-made trailers for movies we want to see. None of these trailers have to be recent or new, they just have to be neat in their own way.

So let us begin with this cool trailer made by TrolleySmasher

Seppin had to start with Red Hood and this is one of the best trailers for an Under The Red Hood Film. It features cool voices from the animated film and Jensen Ackless.





The Next trailer is by Elijah Quinn

So it did take a while to find it, but we found it. A great trailer for a House of M movie which connects the Marvel Universes.





Our Final Trailer is by 4TheMarauders

That was a great way to end our first part of Fan Friday. We love all of the connections and the references to the comic. We only wish this would happen.







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