Avengers Infinity War News


The Russo brothers are currently scouting locations for Avengers Infinity War and they posted an interesting photo before deleting it a few hours later.

Take a look below and then we’ll offer you our own take.

And the insane fan theories start in 3…2…1…

So, some fans are trying to whip everyone up in a frenzy that this shadowy, rustic hallway (That could literally be anywhere) looks like Latveria. Latveria is of course the homeland of Doctor Doom.

Um, we highly doubt this theory for the simple reason that Fox owns the rights to Doctor Doom and The Fantastic Four and if they were going to strike a deal for this character, we’re pretty sure we would have some knowledge of it by now.

Asgard? Maybe.

Death’s Lair? Will Thanos’ unrequited love make an appearance? Not out of the question, but MCU doesn’t have a good track record of sticking close to source material. Not a shot fired, just a known fact.

Or it’s just a random place and they are trying to start the hype.

We just wished they would stop trying to tease us with images and then delete it!!!!

Case in point… the staircase.

No Caption Provided


Now this definitely looks like the Sanctum Sanctorum, but we are not comfortable enough to say for sure.

We’ll keep you posted if anymore cryptic photos or not so cryptic photos pop up.






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