Inhumans News


We just learned last week that the Inhumans t.v. show was a go and that it would also premiere in IMAX before its run on ABC.   Today, we’ve got some more details on the planned series and its IMAX run.

Inhumans has a straight-to-series order for an eight-episode run on ABC this fall. But before it gets there, the first two episodes of the Inhumans TV series will debut on 1,000 IMAX theaters across 74 countries, getting a two-week run starting Labor Day weekend 2017.

As previously reported, the first two episodes will be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, but so will some scenes from subsequent episodes, including some shot on the moon. IMAX is footing the bill for the first two installments, and ABC will then take those episodes and expand them with additional content for broadcast. Inhumans will be the first TV show to be financed by IMAX and the first TV show to premiere in IMAX.

We also learned that just because Inhumans will air on the small screen, Marvel still hasn’t ruled out a big screen version later on in the future.




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