Spider-Man Homecoming & Transformers: The Last Knight Trailers Coming Soon!


We have confirmation that the first trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming will be coming tomorrow during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Sony Pictures showcased a new trailer for their highly-anticipated superhero movie Spider-Man: Homecoming at the Comic-Con Experience (CCXP), which showcased Spidey’s new superhero costume upgrade, which comes courtesy of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). There were shots in this trailer that show Spider-Man leaping off a building, only to spread his new “web wings. While we don’t know when this trailer will debut, a new video has surfaced, which shows how the fans in Brazil reacted to this trailer, and although we don’t see the footage, it’s clear these fans were incredibly excited about what they saw.

We’re pretty stoked to finally see some footage!


The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight will also debut sometime today. Set to be released on June 23rd next year, Transformers: The Last Knight will feature the return of Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager as well as new roles for Isabela Moner and Jerrod Carmichael. With Bay back in the director’s chair, the screenplay for the movie was written by Iron Man‘s Art Marcum and Matt Holloway along with Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down). Plot details are currently being kept under wraps, but those will be lifted right after the trailer is released.

Here is the teaser:

Lots of news and trailers this week. No word yet on The Justice League trailer, but we suspect we will be seeing it sometime in the next week.





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