Matt Reeves’ Batman Talks Halted


Last week was interesting with all of the news sites talking about who will be directing the Batman film. It was thought that Matt Reeves would be directing the movie, but now talks have been stopped due to an argument between Warner Bros. and from what we hear, is his agent.

Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" - Red Carpet

Warner Bros. has also released that they already have a few directors in mind to take over Matt’s spot. Like Ridley Scott and George Miller.

Now, here’s the thing. Everyone needs to stop panicking and freaking out over every little piece of news having to do with the DCEU. Marvel has had its fair share of directors dropping out and script problems (Ant-Man, anyone?) This stuff happens all the time. Directors come and go. Actors come and go, but for some reason when it pertains to DC…well..

We even read editorials on other sites saying they should just give up on doing a Batman movie for good.

There are so many awesome Batman stories that have yet to be told and we want to see a Bat Family!!!!

Seriously though, we believe that Warner Bros. is being very cautious with all of their upcoming projects and we do not think the Matt Reeves situation has anything to do with the script, or the company itself. His agent wants more money. Plain and simple. This does not mean talks are over. He could very well come back to the table, so chill out people with your DCEU Doomsday predictions and click bait articles.

What do you guys think about Matt Reeves? Should he stay or should he go? If he goes, there could be trouble, but if he stays there could be double?

Until next time guys…



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