DC Going R-Rated Route? Top 5 Movies We Want to See!

It appears after the success of Deadpool and Logan that Warner Bros. and DC Films are considering going down the R-Rated path. It’s not really a huge stretch since we all know the DCEU tends to a bit darker.

So, what do we want to see in all its R-Rated glory?

5. Batman

You can really take any Batman story and make it rated R. People would still flock to it. The only downside is that the studio may not want to lose money on the younger crowds and families that won’t be able to see it.

4. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad should be rated R. Period. These guys are criminals who kill and we should see them like how they are portrayed in the comics.

3. Justice League Dark

You can go really creepy with any Justice League Dark story. It could be like a modern day horror film and who doesn’t want to see John Constantine, smoking and swearing up a storm properly?

2. Lobo

The main man deserves a rated R movie.

Enough said.

  1. Deathstroke Solo Movie

Deathstroke deserves his own movie because similar to Doctor Strange, Deathstroke has his own cult following that would love to see him in his own character driven film. He has quite a few stories to go off of, the only problem is, he has a lot of different origins and the fans do not agree, which could be problematic as far as marketing.

But how awesome would it be to see him in his movie?


What do you guys think? Any movies you want to see rated R in the DCEU?




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