Iron Fist News

So, let’s get the elephant in the room addressed first…

Yes, we have read the early reviews for Iron Fist and are we slightly concerned? Maybe a little, but we want to point out a few things. We are not going to base our opinions off of critics whose reviews barely talked about the show and focused on the ‘whitewashing’ of Danny Rand. We initially thought it would have been a great time to cast an Asian-American to play the Immortal Iron Fist, but in reality, Danny Rand was always portrayed in the comics as a white male and we are big Game of Throne fans, so we do like Finn Jones quite a bit.

Second, we are also having a hard time with the fact that reviewers only have seen the first few episodes. Talk to us when you have seen the whole season.

Lastly, we are going to watch the show regardless of any critics reviews. Considering, after some research, these very same critics hailed the Ghostbusters remake as being a great movie and gave it a higher score than some of our favorite movies, we are going to watch it for ourselves before we review it.

Now that we got that out of the way…

We are a bit unhappy that we won’t see the iconic green and yellow costume, but the news that we will not see the dragon  Shou-Lao, who Danny got his powers from after plunging his fist into his heart, makes us a tad disappointed by this news.

Iron Fist star Finn Jones revealed that budgetary issues meant that they were unable to shoot this sequence, something which may mean we won’t see much of K’un-Lun either.

“I’d love to have the budget for these shows to have a full-on Game of Thrones style dragon,” the actor, who previously appeared in that HBO series, said. “But unfortunately you know, we have budget restraints. That’s the nature of the show. We do allude to it in Iron Fist, in a very intelligent way. And definitely in The Defenders… but I think, you know, we’ve got to be realistic.”
Okay, we understand that and we’ll try to mask our sadness at not seeing that epic scene play out on the screen.
But, Jones had something else to add. Jones and co-star Jessica Henwick revealed that two unannounced characters appear in the second half of the season, and when the former was asked directly if that means Steel Serpent is on the way, he teased:
“Maybe that’s what we were just errr… My publicist is looking at me with devil eyes,” the actor laughed. “Hey look, that’s going to be announced very soon so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s announced before these [interviews] even come to print.”
Whatever it may be, we’re still looking forward to binge watching this weekend and we will have our review up as soon as we finish!

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