Top Five Tuesday: Best Seasons of Power Rangers


It’s Morphin Time!

Due to the fact that the new Power Rangers movie is coming out this weekend, we thought we would do our top five favorite Power Rangers seasons. It definitely was a trip down memory lane for us and as usual, embarrassingly so, Seppin knew more than Rek and could remember the seasons in greater detail.

5. Lightspeed Rescue

The cool thing about this season was that these were people chosen by the government and given the morphers. They were just regular people that got a chance to be superheroes.

4. RPM

It’s like Mad Max but with Power Rangers.


3. Time Force

Rek’s favorite. Inspired his love of time travel.

2. In Space

In Space has the best finale. Countdown to destruction! Also best musical intro.

  1. Mighty Morphin Season 

Seppin’s Reasoning: It’s the most well known series and everyone knows the characters. It’s perfect in all it’s cheesy acting glory.

Rek: This show sucked. The acting is terrible. The fighting is terrible. The only two people that were good was Bulk and Skull.

Seppin: They are the true heroes.




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