SeppinRek’s Big Announcement

Let’s face it, the only big news coming out today is the last few teaser trailers for Justice League, so while we wait, we decided to share with you some big news.

When Rek and I started this journey, our main goal was not to just have a blog highlighting comic book news. Our main objective has always been to start our own comic book company and sharing our characters, and stories, we created. We want to slowly build our comic universe (Right now, we have about 80 characters) and we are extremely excited to share with you that our first story will be coming out very soon!

Rek has been working very hard on writing and shaping this character. Not only is he finished with the first book, but the second story is done and is in first edits. His third story is also underway and I myself have just finished writing my first book, and that too, is in edits.

We decided that since we are not quite ready to invest in forming the stories into graphic novels, we are going to publish them as regular books for now, and hopefully in the next year, turn those stories into classic comic strip novels.

We are excited and nervous to finally see the characters we have been creating for years to come to life, so to speak, on paper and we hope that you will come along with us as we take this next step.

Have no fear though, we will still be bringing you news everyday and the blog, and YouTube channel, will continue as usual!

Stay tuned because next week we will be unveiling the cover to our first book!





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