Justice League Trailer In-Depth Look & Reaction Video

Honestly, we’re still trying to come down from the epic Justice League trailer. Not only was it awesome, but there is just so much packed in there and we decided to take a closer look.

Check out the trailer first and then we’ll dive in:


Our Reaction Video:

Bruce in the mountains, but where is he? Who is he looking for? Most likely it connects him looking for Aquaman.

Dr. Stone is home for once. Sadly it seems that his son is not there with him.


It looks like he has a mother box with Victor’s trophies. The odd part about this is that Victor has presumably bonded with a Mother Box already. So how does Dr. Stone have another box and why is it on?


Spooky! Dr. Stone is clearly scared that the box is activated. And to his right is a blurry look at our first Parademon in Justice League. It looks pretty accurate.


Diana and Bruce are in the Flying Fox discussing the “Justice League” and assembling the others. She tells him the threat is already here. Maybe Diana had an encounter with one already?

Aquaman saving a fisherman, looking like a badass.

Cyborg has a Mother Box. Is it the same one his father had? Or is this another one? We think this is near the end of the movie.


“You should probably move out of the way.”

A great look at Cyborg being a hero. As you can see he looks pretty good, but we agree that we need to see more to be sure that he fits the role. A lot of people are complaining about the CGI. We’re not going to get too caught up into that because they have 7 months to tweak it, so chill out everyone. Let’s wait until the movie.


Ezra Miller, You are the Fastest Man alive. Heck, You could be tapping the Speed Force right now. The lightning looks awesome!


We don’t know where he is going or what he is doing. Although it would be cool to see him going to Gotham.

Great look at Batman Blowing up a Parademon.





Wait a minute… This seems Familiar,

Image result for Justice League of America Intro

Could Zack Snyder give us the most iconic scene from the 90’s show? Who knows? Don’t tease us, Zack.

Aquaman, two demons, One trident…equals pure awesome.



Cyborg is suiting up to fly in the upper atmosphere.


Flash dodging shots! Epic.


Was that a Joke? For those critics that think the DCEU has no humor, courtesy of Zack Snyder.


A tunnel, or an entrance to the Batcave, maybe underneath Gotham. Just a theory.


Wonder Woman is again being the badass of the movie.


Again we get a better look at what it is that the Flash sees while he is in the Speed Force. And it is sorta reminiscent of Hyperspace in Star Wars in a way.


Amy Adams has returned to play Lois Lane. What do you think she is looking at, our guess is that it is a portal and the newly formed Justice League fighting the villains. Perhaps Superman is up there too.


Aquaman is doing one of his most Iconic scenes in which he stops a tidal wave from destroying everything.


This is our first look at Amber Heard as Mera in the film, and it is awesome. The CGI is on point and she really looks accurate. Maybe we will see her use some of her water magic on some parademons.


We get our first look at Doctor Man… I mean Barry’s father, Henry Allen. It’s neat to see that they are doing this origin since it is the best known and also the one that they used in the show.



This is an odd couple of shots because it looks to be an all out war here. We are not quite sure where this is taking place, but we do recognize the Amazon forces. Many people have suggested that it is the previous war where the three races of Earth got the Mother Boxes. But we don’t think so because we don’t see any Atlanteans in this fight.


Our new Batmobile shooting some parademons and yes, Batman is using guns. He certainty can’t use Batarangs to subdue the alien demons, so don’t get your panties in a twist.


Another look at the parademons and a cool shot of Wonder Woman dismembering them.



Here is the most vital shot in the trailer. In the first shot we see Aquaman possibly going to Atlantis without his armor yet. So this is before he joins Batman’s team. In the next shot we see a bright red light, but if you look closer you can see an outline of a battleaxe, which is the weapon of choice for our main antagonist, Steppenwolf. Our theory is that Aquaman is coming to Atlantis and finds it under attack by these parademons and goes to fight the invaders. Afterwords he may get his armor and join Batman, and the others.


Here are the shots that we got from the Flash teaser and again it is awesome.


This is an interesting team-up with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg all working together. The interesting part is where they are at. We think that the background gives it away because it seems to be underwater or in space. A popular theory that is being tossed around is that Steppenwolf is taking Atlanteans and turning them into parademons, which is accurate with the comics. So everything makes sense and it actually gives us a better reason why Aquaman is so eager to work with these heroes. Why would a king of 3/4 of the Earth need help?


“Good to see you playing well with others again.”

Wait, what did he say? Did he say others? As in…Robins?! We know they exist, or at least one of them did in this universe, plus we’re also getting a Nightwing movie…maybe. Coincidence? We think not.

A great look at J.K. Simmons as James Gordon and we have to admit that he really fits the role. He’s even got that stupid mustache that Jim has. And Seppin loves his one line because it hints that Batman has worked with others before.

Yes, it was Seppin’s favorite part of the trailer.


Aquaman is a pretty humorous character himself too and his armor is actually a great representation of his comic suit.


You may be cool, but you will never be Aquaman riding on top of the Batmobile cool.


Final thoughts:

It was a super awesome trailer and it gets us really excited to see this movie that sadly seems so far off…

By the way where is…?

It seems Kal found Hal. They’re on their way. We just know it!



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