JL, WW, & Aquaman Footage

DC took over CinemaCon last night and we are getting more information about footage that was seen from Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman!



Justice League

Alfred (Jeremy Irons) tells Bruce Wayne that his employer has been working like there is no tomorrow trying to assemble the team. Soon, we’re in a Wayne warehouse, where Bruce is working on a giant vehicle. Bruce remarks that he spent $1 million on the security for that building, to which Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) answers he got his money’s worth, because it took her almost a minute to disable it. Bruce explains the vehicle he’s working on his a troop carrier (it seemed reminiscent of something from the Batman v Superman nightmare dream sequence.)

Later in the footage, Batman and Barry Allen/The Flash are standing on a roof (out of costume) and they see the Batsignal in the sky. “Oh awesome. It’s the Batsignal! That’s your signal,” Barry tells Bruce, before apologizing for speaking too loudly about it. “That means we have to go now. That’s so cool.”

Also featured was a scene of Diana falling, trying to grab a hold of her sword, during which The Flash lends a hand in slow motion to help her catch it.

Wonder Woman

“The god of war is our responsibility. Only an Amazon can defeat him … with this,” Diana says to Steve Trevor, holding her sword. “Once I do, the war will end.”

After Trevor makes a bed for her to lie in, she’s confused why he won’t “sleep with her” and he attempts to explain marriage to her. “Have you never met a man before? What about your father?” asks Trevor. “I had no father. My mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus, she says, getting a laugh from the audience.

Once they land in London, the rest of the footage follows Gadot through an intense fight scene.


Aquaman didn’t have any official footage (as the film doesn’t begin shooting until next week), director James Wan and star Jason Momoa made an appearance to show off a sizzle reel with plenty of concept art. Momoa first praised Justice League, calling it “the greatest movie ever made, before launching into the reel with Wan, which featured images of underwater dogfights with armored sharks, wide shots of Atlantis, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta.

At one point, Aquaman is shown tied up under water as though he’s on trial or answering for a crime. You get to see a whole different world you’ve never seen before, said Wan. “Jason Momoa is larger than life and he is the perfect embodiment.”

Wonder Woman releases on June 2, 2017, Justice League on November 17, 2017, and Aquaman on December 21, 2018.




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