SeppinRek Book Cover, Blurb, & Sneak Peek!

The time has finally come to unveil our first book cover! This has been such an incredible journey to get to this place and we would like to invite you to read the book blurb. Also as an added bonus, we are posting the short prologue for an exclusive sneak preview.

So, without further adieu, we introduce you to Darq


Book Blurb

Enter a new and exciting world…

Welcome to SeppinRek Entertainment!

Here is where the adventures of Darq begin…

Alex Pearson was betrayed by his close friend and he now must walk down the ominous path of vengeance.

On his journey, he will join forces with a mysterious government operated organization to take down serious foes, like the Mafia, who are now out to get him, encounter superhumans who he never knew existed, and he also is on the hunt for a cure to help his dying mother who is plagued with a deadly disease.

Will he get his revenge? Can he trust the WSA? Will his mother succumb to her illness?

Or is the future as bleak as he fears?

Darq Vol. 1

*This book will be available as a graphic novel soon*


Sneak Peek


 A mixture of blood and rainwater drained into the sewer. The murder weapon lay beside its victim. It was a threatening reminder to anyone who tried to take on the mob. The knife, still wet with blood, was embroidered with gems from eight different countries and covered in an intricate design.

The steel handle was formed into multiple metal snakes that conformed into a large letter P. When the police arrive, the body and the knife will be gone.

Although this crime scene may never catch the eyes of the police, it is not where this story starts…


We are excited for everyone to read our first book. Rek has been working constantly and when we are not blogging, or doing videos, we are usually in deep discussions over our characters and where, and how, our stories are going to come together cohesively.

Our next book will be called Rexwind and it is very special to me since he is the first character I ever created. We can’t wait to share our stories with you!




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