Avatar Sequels Confirmed

For a long time now we have heard news about Avatar and the sequels planned, but the dates always seemed to be getting pushed back for one reason or another. Well, it looks like they are making it official and James Cameron is ready to continue on his groundbreaking journey.

Avatar 2 is coming on December 18th, 2020, Avatar 3 follows on December 17th, 2021, Avatar 4 will then come a few years later on December 20th, 2024, and the fifth installment drops on December 19th 2025.

It seems likely that they will be shooting back to back, but also note the release dates. All movies are going to be coming out around Christmas, which is interesting because the Star Wars franchise seems to have the holiday season locked up with their movies.

So, who is excited for this news?

Or, have we moved past the wonder of Avatar?

We’re not going to lie, Mama SeppinRek did not like the movie at all, so it might be challenging to get her in the theater for this!

Her reaction is going to be something like this…

Batman: The Killing Joke? Sure, let’s go!

Avatar 2? I would rather stay home and organize the silverware drawer.

Rek and I are looking forward to it though and we’ll keep you posted on any news!





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