Monday Musings-Wonder Woman Early Reactions & Projections

So, over the weekend there was a screening for Wonder Woman and reactions have started to hit Twitter. What makes this screening different from the usual screenings where regular people get a chance to see a new movie and have no idea what it is until they get there, is that this screening was for the press.

Those members of the press and bloggers (Warner Bros…seriously? Over here!) took to Twitter and though they didn’t say much because they are under an embargo, a few did post some very positive reactions.

@AndrewKruzel @PattyJenks I can’t get into specifics but @GalGadot gives a beautiful, nuanced, powerful performance, @PattyJenks is SO GOOD with actors. #WonderWoman

— Marc Andreyko (@marcandreyko) May 13, 2017

It’s still going to be interesting when the important reviews come out, but right now, everything is looking fairly positive. Reviews however will be under embargo until May 31, which is only two days before Wonder Woman premieres. Some people are worried about this because they are taking it as a sign that Warner Bros. is not entirely confident in the movie, but let us not forget Disney does the same thing with Star Wars movies, so that spoilers don’t get out there too much to the general public or fans.

There are rumors going around that they could change the embargo date to May 25, but we’re not sure where this even originated so we hesitate to put much faith into that rumor.

As far as projections go, right now most sites are putting it at a $65 million dollar opening and a few are going as high as $100 million. So, where does that stack up? Well, it would put Wonder Woman in the company of Captain America:The First Avenger, but it would be way off from WB’s other DC movies such as Man of Steel ( $116m) and BvS ($166m).

But how much is realistically enough?

Wonder Woman should make more than $65 million just because she is the first and most iconic female superhero. Period. BUT, will she? Can Gal Gadot carry such a movie and also can Patty Jenkins direct such a movie? Traditionally women who have led movies in lead roles have not made as much as their counterparts, but is the tide turning?

Right now we just can’t answer that or speculate because this is unknown territory, but we do think that they may be undervaluing the demographics. As everyone knows, the 18-25 age group is usually the target group that they pull these numbers from, but Mama SeppinRek thinks they are way off because women, especially those over 40, seem to be pretty excited to see this movie and have the so-called experts not taken that age group, 40-65, into account? And what about older men who have grown up reading the comics and perhaps also watched Wonder Woman on television? We saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a surprising amount of the older generation in the theater each time we went and are we discounting that generation?

We think $65m is low, but we are also cautious in our estimates. Seppin is going with $70-75m, Mama SeppinRek wants it to make $100m, but is going to go with $80m and Rek surprisingly agrees with her, although of course Rek being Rek, is going with $81m.

All we know is that our tickets are bought and we plan on seeing this at least twice in the theaters. We are going to enjoy ourselves and also cross our fingers that Mama SeppinRek and our little sister Lulu doesn’t embarrass us with their clapping and shouting…or worse, crying, since MSR cries every time she watches a WW trailer.

What is your take? How much do you think Wonder Woman will make opening weekend?




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