Donald Glover is Prowler!

Oh, how Seppin loves to be right. This weekend it was confirmed that Donald Glover is indeed playing Prowler in the upcoming film, Spider-Man Homecoming!

Why is this important and why did it have Seppin excited?

Because this brings us one step closer to hopefully seeing Miles Morales!

Prowler is Miles Morales’ uncle and that’s kind of a big deal. Aaron Davis a.k.a. Prowler played a big part in Miles’origin story. As a small-time thief, Miles’ uncle ends up accidentally tracking one of Oscorp’s radioactive spiders back with him in his bag, leading Miles to come into contact with it. The bite from the spider is ultimately what leads to Miles gaining his powers. What’s curious is that Miles and his uncle are actually from the Earth-1610 universe as opposed to the Earth-616 universe, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they introduce this to Peter Parker’s story, although it’s not much of a stretch.

Now, Seppin still thinks ( or hopes) that we are going to see a young Miles introduced, but so far, there has been no word on that since early reactions have been posted and no one has mentioned Miles.

Still this is pretty cool news and we’re really looking forward to seeing Spider-Man Homecoming! It comes out in a few weeks…can you believe it?





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