Fox sets six new Marvel movie dates

Last week everyone was slightly surprised to hear that Fox announced six new dates that they plan to release Marvel movies. This could be the success of Logan and Deadpool, or they are happy with the scripts for New Mutants and Xmen Dark Phoenix. We don’t know, but here are their dates they have set up…

In 2019, June 7 and November 22. In 2020, March 13, June 26, and October 2. Lastly, March 5 in 2021.

We can assume that one of these is an X-Force film. A Gambit movie is also in production hell, but maybe they want it to come out eventually. For the rest we have no clue other than a few more Xmen films. Some are theorizing that Fantastic Four is coming back, which is possible. Warner Brothers were able to get away with a new Batman two years after Christian Bale. They just need to differentiate themselves from the Fantastic Flop that came out in 2015.


This doesn’t include their massive 2018 schedule. New Mutants (April), Deadpool 2 (June), Dark Phoenix (November).




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