Top Five things that FOX could unviel during SDCC 2017

Welcome back to our amazing week of Top Fives in which we tell you what we want to see during Comic Con and get from those crazy companies.

Today we are going to be talking about the elusive FOX and their mighty X-Men.


5. Slate up to 2020

The DC slate is already confusing everyone, but what about the six movies FOX announced last month. It would be nice to know what they are planning. We wonder when the X-force movie or he “Gambit” movie will happen. It would be cool to see their plans.


Image result for cable marvel

4. First look at Cable

We’ve all been waiting for even the simplest glimpse at the up-tight soldier from the future. Josh Brolin has been even hinting at some Cable news for the past couple of weeks. How huge would it be to have Josh Brolin’s Cable appear in the background? We think that would be awesome.


3. New Mutants news

We know that they have started shooting. We can tell from the few photos that they have sent out that the cast is really getting along well. So, it would be nice to just have a few questions answered about the movie. When is it? Where are the X-Men? Where is Charles?


Image result for dark phoenix

2. X-Men Dark Phoenix Teaser or a cast photo 

We want something from the Dark Phoenix movie. Sure, we have gotten a few set photos, but we would really like a teaser or just a hint towards their plans for the movie. Perhaps show Jean Grey going all out Phoenix.


Image result for Deadpool 2

1.Deadpool 2 Teaser

Deadpool 2 is going to be the biggest movie for the Summer next year, so we want a teaser trailer. We want to see Deadpool, Cable, Blind Al, and most of all Dopinder. If the marketing campaign is going to be anything like the first, then we should expect a lot of teases coming soon.



Anything you guys want to see?







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