Justice League Trailer 2!!!!!

It is the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con and we got a new Justice League trailer!!!!

Check it out!!!!



Our Reaction:




2 thoughts on “Justice League Trailer 2!!!!!

  1. This was my first time seeing the trailer and I was not impressed at all. DC is trying way too hard to be epic and a cinematic marvel that it gets to the point of me feeling underwhelmed. At this point DC needs to impress me, cause I’ve only seen 2 of their movies, those being Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. And while I didn’t like BvS, Suicide Squad was just horrible, and made me uninterested in seeing Wonder Woman. And then I heard people liked Wonder Woman but by that time I was still unsure so I’ve probably missed my chance on seeing it in theaters. So hopefully this will be the first movie in this cinematic universe that I’ll like. My expectations are low, but hopefully I’ll be proven wrong. Thanks for making me aware of the trailer and keep up the great work.


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