Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap

Well, that’s a wrap on season seven for Game of Thrones and we’re not sure whether to be happy or sad because it looks like a long time before season eight rolls around.

But let’s get into what just happened and what we might see next season.

First up, we have the meeting between all the important players in the game and they have come together in the old dragon pit. This was really all about the small moments, wasn’t it? Tyrion and Cersei come face to face for the first time since he left after killing their father, Jaime and Brienne share a few looks, the Hound and the Mountain, and our favorite buddy duo Tyrion and Bronn once again!

The Hound brings out the white walker and Cersei is pretty freaked out, but not as freaked out as Euron Greyjoy, who promptly leaves to sail away back to the Iron Islands…or did he?

Cersei agrees to a truce, but when she asks Jon Snow, the new King of the North not to side with Dany, Jon being Jon couldn’t just lie, he had to state his allegiance to the dragon queen and Cersei predictably lost her sh*t. She storms off and then Tyrion decides to follow her so they could talk.

In what was probably one of the best scenes, acting wise, in a long time, the two siblings talk. Tyrion tries to reason with his sister, but Cersei is just too far gone. She blames him for every bad thing that has happened since he killed their father, but then decides not to let the Mountain kill him. Dr. Tyrion guesses she is pregnant and pleads with her once more to help their cause and fight the dead.

She finally agrees, but this is Cersei. Her words mean nothing and in the final moments, we get classic Cersei being the real monster that she is. While Jaime is planning to send their troops into battle, Cersei strolls up to him and is like, what are you doing? I’m not sending my troops anywhere.

Jaime is perplexed. He gave his word to fight and he knows the true enemy is the walking undead marching south, but nope, Cersei has her own plans. Not only did she set up a secret “betrayal” from Euron as cover for his trip to Essos to bring the Golden Company over (thanks to the Iron Bank), but she admitted she never planned to send any of the Lannister troops north to help Dany and Jon re-murder a bunch of undead. Let the monsters fight and then we rule.

Jaime is disgusted and there was a second there we thought she was going to give the order to kill Jaime, but he called her bluff and walked away. It’s great to see Jaime going to fight on the right side for once!

Now on to the girl power moment of the year…Sansa and Arya outplayed Little Finger!

Little Finger has successfully schemed his way out of just about anything, but do not underestimate two sisters! Sansa played him like a fool and was gathering evidence against him. She seemingly summons Arya into the hall, surrounded by armed clansmen, but at the last second turns to Little Finger after rattling off crimes and says his name. He is astonished and begs for his life, but Arya slits his throat with ease and the snake is finally gone.

Sam is back and he when he finds Bran, sitting by the fire, the story that we all knew was coming finally is aired and how captivating it is. While Sam and Bran unravel Jon’s parentage, Jon and Dany finally consummate their relationship and yes, there is an ick factor because we know she is his aunt.

As the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran travels back in time and watches Lyanna Stark secretly wed Rhaegar Targaryen. He then watches Lyanna give birth to Jon, confirming that his real name is Aegon Targaryen — and that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

While Bran is having this vision, Jon and Daenerys are in bed lying in each other’s arms and Tyrion is standing outside the door, looking concerned as he realizes what’s happening. He’s not aware of who Jon really is, but he knows this changes up the power dynamics. It was a also a little creepy, not going to lie. Was he happy about this? Wasn’t this his goal from day one? Find Dany a husband so she could have an heir to secure her throne?

But whatever…Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen and he just had sex with his aunt.

Then this happened…

The wall is gone. The undead dragon Viserion torched it with his powerful blue flame and what a sight that was!

All we have to say is that, if Tormund is dead, and we don’t know how he could have survived the wall coming down on top of him, but if he is dead, then we all kind of screwed aren’t we?

If you want to check out the explosive last five minutes, HBO has just released it online!



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