Geoff Johns Has Spoken

Seppin’s mentor (although he is not quite aware of it yet) Geoff Johns has spoken!

Johns recently spoke about the DC Universe and he made a statement about the movies being not necessarily connected, meaning that Wonder Woman for example is a stand alone movie, not connected to any other movie. Well, the proverbial rumor mill hit the fan and everyone apparently, per usual, has taken his words out of context and spun it into a fan frenzy confusing maddening state.

Guess what? Once again it is not true.

Warner Bros. is working on a series of totally standalone movies but it seems that the Justice League characters remain part of the same universe even if they don’t always cross paths in their solo outings. Marvel Studios, of course, has gone a different route and you can always expect some sort of crossover with characters, much like Iron Man showing up in Spider-Man Homecoming or Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok.

Basically, people need to calm down and stop taking every little word out of context when it concerns the DCEU. We’re not totally innocent either, but we have always liked to source our stories from reputable sites. Unfortunately, those sites are becoming fewer and fewer, especially when it concerns anything to do with DC. We would like to say though that at some point Geoff Johns does need to come out and have an in-depth interview with someone (Raises Hand) and clear some of these rumors up for once and all.

Of course, it can’t be Seppin because he would faint, but Rek a.k.a Stone Cold would be a perfect interviewer or MSR.



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