Star Wars: The Last Jedi News: Snoke’s Powers

Not much is known about the new Star Wars baddie, Snoke. His appearance is somewhat a mystery. We have our theories, but we’re still not sure who he is and how he fits into everything. A new companion book is out for the sequel and it sheds some light on Snoke’s powers. It definitely sounds like he’s a Sith Lord, but although we may get hints in The Last Jedi of who he is, the big reveal will be kept for Episode IX

Among his many abilities are telekinesis (the ability to move objects with his mind), Force choking (like Darth Vader), and telepathy (mind reading and possibly mind control too). Now, is he more powerful than The Emperor? It certainty sounds like it, but the big question is where did he come from and how did he become Kylo Ren’s master?

We’re looking forward to the new trailer, which Mark Hamill may have teased to debut this Monday during Monday Night Football! Could tickets also be on sale soon?





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