Do we have a Catwoman?

Do we have a Catwoman?

Well, the signs are certainty pointing in that direction.

Rumors over the last four months or so have been making the rounds that Baby Driver actress Eiza González was being eyed to play the legendary thief, but we didn’t really cover it because it was all hearsay. There’s been a major development though, Geoff Johns and director David Ayers both started following the actress on Twitter (Which is like the new casting announcement these days) and the actress has cut her hair AND been posting fan made pics of her in a cat suit.

This may be nothing, especially since Gotham City Sirens wasn’t even hardly mentioned at Comic-Con, but you never know. The only thing that slightly bothers us, is that she is fairly young to play Selina Kyle compared to Ben Affleck’s older Batman…but this Hollywood.








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  1. If she is catwoman, that would mean that Warner Bros are looking for someone that would fit better in the Gotham City Sirens dynamic than Batman’s. However, Selina has always been strangely younger than Bruce so I can see them going both ways.


    1. Is she even playing Catwoman though? Is this another Armie Hammer situation where they will troll us with one casting and have them playing another. I bring this up because they hinted at having Zatanna be played by a Latin actress with the Del Toro script.


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