This could perhaps be one of the biggest news stories of the year concerning the comic book movie universe world.

21st Century Fox is in talks with Disney to sell its movie studio and that means folks, that the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool could return to the Marvel Universe.

Apparently talks have been going on for a few weeks and there is news that they have stalled (which is normal in any massive business negotiation). There is a lot to this story because not only would it mean that Disney would have the movie studio, but other assets as well, like Sky television. The Fox broadcasting television, news, and sports would still be retained due to various anti-competition rules.

Again, talks have stalled, but there still is a chance this could go through and if it did, it would be huge. One star has already commentated on the acquisition and it was one of our first thoughts.

What would become of Deadpool? Not exactly Disney/MCU material.

Ryan Reynolds posted this on Twitter:

Not only Deadpool, but the X-Men franchise in general. Yes, it would be great to get our favorite characters in the MCU where they belong, but at what cost to keeping with the more mature and darker tones?

All we have to say is this…

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