Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel to Work at DC

We didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, but perhaps the most shocking and amazing news that we’ve heard in a long time dropped.

Brian Michael Bendis, comic book writer and legend, has left Marvel comics and signed exclusively with DC Comics.

Bendis, who is one of our favorite Marvel writers, created The Ultimate Universe with Ultimate Spider-Man, not to mention Jessica Jones, the New Avengers, and so many others. Currently, he’s working on Iron Man and Miles Morales, who stories now seem to have a big question mark after this abrupt departure.

Here is the announcement:

So, what will Bendis be working on with DC?

It’s just way too soon to speculate, although we would love to see what he could do with Wonder Woman, but he is just so talented that he could truly work with any character and create any event.


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